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WhatsApp Group Admins Watch -Out!

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

As corona is termed as a pandemic & WHO has clarified that the only way to stop speeding the virus is no physical contact.

This is because the cure for this virus is yet to be found & till the time scientists are working to search for a cure, total social distancing by the government has been announced. The problem here is that people are terming this wrong. Man is a social animal & if he is said to stop socializing, mental health will be affected.

This hence distancing should only be termed as physical distancing & not social distancing. If physical distancing is disallowed, social distancing should be encouraged to keep people connected.

This can be achieved by WhatsApp very easily as everyone today is using this application. As it’s generally managed by the group admins, they can easily take some time out & serve for the well-being of their group members.

Doe’s and Don’ts in a gist for WhatsApp admins during such hard times:


Be creative
Encourage to stay at home
Share knowledge about new things daily
Inculcate good habits
Keep group active
Share only correct news regarding the pandemic


Strict action against fake news
Discourage unhealthy fights
Prevent game blame
Complain to police promptly

Here is what WhatsApp group admins can do to help people in the corona crises:

Serve Positive News daily

Admins can take some time out in the morning & try to find out some positive news happening in the world & post it in the group. This will encourage people to stay positive in such times of crisis. Moreover, staying positive will keep the mind happy & group members will look forward to another morning to read something positive.

Discourage fake news to avoid chaos

Many people create content for creating chaos in this situation. They try spreading the news through WhatsApp. Group admins should take these things very seriously & completely disallow members to forward such news. This will keep the environment of the group clean & only encourage members to participate with the right content.

Give different task

Whatsapp group admins can take this quarantine to another level to keep members busy at home. They can give a different task every morning & ask members to post a picture by completing the task. For example, to cook a specific dish or to complete a few sets of an exercise. This will encourage members to try out different things every day & even can follow healthy competition.

Take strict action

Group admins are responsible for the content being posted in the group & hence they should go through all the messages posted. If he finds something wrong being posted, he should immediately ask the member to delete it. If the actions of such members persist, they should be removed from the group. Also, if the group admin finds something fishy, he should report the same to the police.

Activate participation by planning & playing new games

To keep oneself happy & encouraged, the mind needs to work & stay positive. For this, admins can once in two days get all the members together at a special time and try to post new games which can be played in the group & can reward members however possible. Games like housie, dhamsharas, antalsharis, etc. can be played as WhatsApp allow to send voice notes, stickers & gifs.

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