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Top 5 Best Long Lasting AA Batteries

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

We have all been using AA (or double-A) batteries since eternity. The AA battery was first introduced well over a century ago. These small bundles of power have been an integral part of most of our electronics, ranging from TV remote to kids toys to clocks & million other essentials.

The AA batteries are of two types Alkaline & Lithium. The former works best with low power devices like TV remotes or toys whereas the latter works great for high power devices like a digital camera.

GooglyNow has researched top 5 AA batteries in India, so you're never left without power again for all your flashlights, cameras & other devices.

1. Duracell Ultra Alkaline AA Battery

Duracell Ultra Alkaline are multipurpose high power alkaline batteries that will power most of your devices. It also comes with Duralock technology that delivers it a shelf life of 10 years that makes this battery amazing & long-lasting for years. On top of this, the Duracell Ultra Alkaline has a superior nylon top closure that makes it leak proof.

Duracell Ultra Alkaline is also known to operate well within a wide range of temperatures. This battery is available at a highly attractive price in a pack of 8, which is impressive for such a reliable brand.

2. AmazonBasics Rechargeable AA Batteries

These rechargeable pocket-friendly batteries from AmazonBasics are a perfect solution for your charging needs. AmazonBasics rechargeable batteries come with 1000 recharge cycles making these batteries last a long time, thus cutting down the maintenance associated cost. AmazonBasics batteries also exhibit low discharge technology, which gives the user the flexibility to the user to use them after being stored for an extended time without compromising on their potency.

AmazonBasics rechargeable AA batteries come pre-charged using solar energy(making some environmental contribution) & are power-packed with 2000mAh making them perfect for high drain devices. The battery can work well in low temperatures too, by maintaining high temperatures. The battery is available in pack of 4 & pack of 8.

3. Envie Rechargeable AA Batteries

Envie’s value-priced rechargeable batteries are intended for extensive low powered usage, like in remote control or small electronic gadget. Envie Rechargeable batteries also support quick charge technique, which can be done via any dash charger. Envie Rechargeable batteries come with 2100mAh potential, which can be charged multiple times without the loss of full capacity.

Over time battery starts losing charge capacity, with a threshold of 80% capacity for 12 months without use. Envie Rechargeable batteries come in pack of two & four, though you need to charge them before first use.

4. Eveready Battery Gold AA

Eveready Battery Gold is a household name in India owing to its loyal base & affordable batteries for Indian households. These zinc-carbon batteries can be bought for a pack of 20, which makes it affordable. Eveready Battery Gold can be used extensively for any device ranging from the TV remote, gaming consoles, or anything. Eveready Battery Gold has a small battery life, and it has to be used without any gap.

5. Energizer Max AA Batteries

Offering a 10-year lifespan, the Energizer Max presents you with a long term solution for all your battery needs. Energizer Max is a multipurpose non-rechargeable solid alkaline power cell that can endure up to 10 times the standard battery. Moreover, these cells are environmentally friendly, as it has no mercury.

Besides the Energizer Max comes with PowerSeal technology, which makes this battery leak proof making it device friendly. Also, worth mentioning is that Energizer Max can effectively work in cold environments also.

What We Think?

AA batteries have become a constant companion in this digital era, starting from keyboards to cameras to toys to everything, from tots to grandparents, from offices to homes, the AAs have become indispensable. Disposable batteries are generally cheaper and can be stocked for unforeseen situations.

In contrast, rechargeable batteries tend to be more expensive and are not ideal for storage & should be in continual use. Duracell Ultra Alkaline with its longevity, leak-poof built, temperature immunity & power at the fantastic cost, is a clear champion. Though Energizer Max is also a decent contender, one cannot overlook the Pan India presence & brand reputation that Duracell offers.

We will leave for you guys to pick on which battery is the most suitable for your usage. Do Drop-in your comments.

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