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One of the Best Infrared Contactless Thermometer – Quantum QHM-500

How Hot are you?

That’s the focus question we all come across instead of a greeting these days. You might have witnessed an increased use of temperature guns all overextending from airports, offices, institutions and whatnot. With the current situation demanding greater social distancing then ever, non-contact thermostats or temperature guns are the need of the hour.

If you are looking for a value for money versatile temperature gun for your office or household or any industrial needs, Quantum QHM-500 is there for you. Quantum QHM-500 uses IR technology for temperature detection & owns up a multifunctional LCD screen to give you the most accurate results. We at GooglyNow have assembled all the relevant info for you in this article.

What is Quantum QHM-500?

QHM-500 is a temperature gun that uses the IR principle which enables you to take temperature measurements from a safe distance while maintaining social distancing.


Operating Range: 50mm ׀ Power Supply: AAA Batteries ׀ Memory: Up to 32 Readings ׀ Accuracy: Maximum allowable error - ±0.2℃ / ±0.3℃ ׀ Protection: IPXD

Salient Features of Quantum QHM-500

+ Infrared Technology - Quantum QHM-500 uses the built-in infrared technology to allow temperature measurement by keeping a safe distance of 50mm from the temperature source, that too within 1 second.

+ Ergonomic & Contactless Design – With the sturdy & durable gun-style design QHM-500 offers, it is very convenient to handle and the integrated processor provides explicit results.

+ Accurate – QHM-500 provides rapid clinical precise reading(permissible errors ±0.2℃ / ±0.3℃) with less than 1 sec computation time.

+ Multi functional – QHM-500 possesses a large-screen, well-lit LCD works well under all light conditions. It also comes with a red light indicator to detect fever safely. It also embraces intelligent power management shutdown, ultra-low power consumption control & IPXD protection against liquid penetration.

+ Strong memory & multiple thermal units – QHM-500 stores up to 32 sets of readings and recall them at any time. It also offers thermometer measurements in Celsius (℃) as well as Fahrenheit (°F) measuring units for a user-friendly experience.

What makes Quantum QHM-500 stand out?

+ Best-in-class integrated processors.

+ No contact measurement.

+ Versatile performance & Ergonomic design.

+ Lens to focus infra-red energy with a quick response time of 1 second.

+ Auto off to save battery life.

+ Strong memory base to store 32 recent results with measurement locks after reading so you have time to record it.

+ In built indications for low battery, color coding for temperature.

+ Good accuracy for the price of the thermometer.

+ Portable & easy to use.

+ FDA & CE Approved.

What We Think?

QHM-500 temperature gun is devised to be user friendly & is loaded full of features you will love. Switching between measuring in Fahrenheit and Celsius is handy, also it has a backlight to help you read the display prominently, packed along with a low battery indicator to let you know when you'll need to charge your device.

The body on the QHM-500 is durable & feels firm in your hand, the auto switch-off function also works as a power saver and is quite significant.

Furthermore, with Contactless thermometers becoming the need of the hour to maintain social distancing & thorough precautions. Quantum QHM-500 has delivered one of the best shot looking at the Indian markets that is not too heavy on the wallet. This was GooglyNow’s attempt to decode one of the best temperature guns for Indian users in 2020.

Go buy yours from amazon.in today!

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