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Nanogard 365 Days Non-Stop Protection – Permanent Gadget Disinfectant Spray

Disinfecting our surroundings has become extremely crucial ever since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. It is vital to disinfect our personal gadgets along with our surroundings, which we happen to touch and use very frequently. Electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, ear-pods, smartwatches, keyboards, and tablets are used daily and accessed by others around us too.

With such frequent and continuous usage, will sanitizing these expensive gadgets daily, even with the best gadget sanitizer spray, suffice? And for how long will the gadget remain sanitized? How many times a day can you actually spare time to sanitize all your gadgets? The answers to all the above questions are very complex. So is the disinfecting procedure!

But what we are about to say next will make your disinfecting procedure easy, quick, reliable and make you jump with joy!

Introducing a brand-new product – 'NanoGard Gadget Disinfectant Spray,' which can disinfect your gadgets straight for up to 1 year.

For a year?

Yes. You heard that, right! 365 days.

NanoGard Disinfectant Spray claims that if you disinfect your gadgets with it, you don't need to disinfect them for up to 365 days! Just one whisk of the spray for each gadget, and you're sorted for the entire year. Sounds pretty unbelievable, right?

But not just a year-long protection, it also boasts of several valuable features that are crucial for a disinfectant. Let's have a look at some of its most attractive features.

Some Features of the NanoGard - Permanent Disinfectant Spray!

Non-Stop Protection for Up To 365 Days.

Now you don't need to sanitize your gadgets every day. You can save precious time and effort with NanoGard! Just spray NanoGard on your device once, and it will protect your device continuously for 365 days after that.

Multiple Device Usage.

Just one bottle (4 ml) of this amazing disinfectant spray can protect multiple devices. It has enough liquid which can be used for up to 4 devices such as:

(+) 1 smartphone + 1 laptop + 1 tablet

(+) 2 smartphones + 2 laptops

(+) Four smartphones

If you are looking to disinfect a huge range of devices for family or office, in that case, we suggest you purchase additional kits for the same.

Advanced Technology.

NanoGard is built using an advanced patented German Technology. This technology enables the disinfectant to form an invisible, positively charged atomic crystalline layer, which traps and punctures the cell membrane of viruses and microbes, thus killing them effectively!

Protection Against Viruses & Bacteria.

It kills more than 100 different types of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. It reduces the risk of transmission of the virus and prevents infectious diseases.

Easy to Use.

Using this gadget disinfectant spray is a piece of cake. Anyone – be it teenaged children or the elderly, can use it with minimal effort.

Light & Portable.

This bottle of disinfectant liquid weighs about 40 grams and can be easily carried around. You can also store it easily at your workplace, home, or even car.

One-Stop Solution.

It is your one-stop solution to disinfecting all kinds of devices at once. If you apply NanoGard gadget sanitizer spray to your device, it doesn't need any other cleaner, disinfectant, or sanitizer for a year, even if it has extensive usage!

Tested & Verified.

It has been tested for safety at India's premier laboratories. It is non-toxic and has a no alcohol formula. Electronic gadgets can be sensitive and might stop working when you apply the wrong solution to them. But with NanoGard, you don't need to worry. It can be used without any apprehension on all kinds of electronic gadgets and other items made up of plastic, glass, metal, or wood. You can safely and efficiently sanitize all your household items with this bottle of liquid!

How to Use NanoGard Laptop and Mobile Cleaner Disinfectant Spray?

Disinfection shouldn't be a tedious and complicated process. It should be quick and simple to implement. NanoGard can be put to use by following a straightforward 4-step process. It can be used by just about anyone! Here's how you can use the spray.

1. Pre-Clean

Always unplug your device before starting the cleaning procedure. Electronic devices are prone to accumulating dust particles and dirt. It gets settled on the surface of the device and needs to be eliminated before disinfecting. NanoGard comes with dust wipes. You can use these wipes first to clean off the dry dirt or germs existing on the surface of the device.

2. Spray

The second step involves spraying the liquid on the device directly. Make sure to spray while keeping a distance of a minimum of 4 inches away from the surface of the device. Spraying three or four times on each side of the device is considered sufficient. Each drop of this effective disinfectant spray consists of 10 crore particles and doesn't need to be used excessively.

3. Wipe

Now you can wipe your device's surface using the microfiber cloth provided with the NanoGard Disinfectant Spray. Let the device dry in room temperature air for a couple of minutes. Make sure you don't wash, clean, or wipe the device roughly for another 6 hours for the complete effect of the disinfectant to take place.

4. Use

Your device/gadget is now ready to use. It is disinfected because now NanoGard has successfully formed a bond with the surface of your device and has started protecting your device immediately!

What next?

Stay worry-free for the rest of the year and use your device freely.

Where can you use this best gadget disinfectant spray?

Besides electronic gadgets, it can also disinfect electronic accessories, games, and some everyday household items.

Primarily Used for:

(+) Laptops

(+) Smartphones

(+) Tablets

Can be Used for:

(+) Television Remotes

(+) Headphones

(+) Keyboards

(+) Mouse

(+) Steering Wheel

(+) Gaming Console/Joystick

(+) Toys and Games

(+) Other Household Items

Customer Ratings:

(+) Tried it to believe it - it’s unbelievable! I have ordered more bottles to protect my other belongings and be rest assured for next 1 year. It’s like 1 year insurance policy. – Arfiya Tambe

(+) One of the feature due to which I fell in love with this is it'll work for 365 days which I think is just great. You just have to use it on any of the gadget one time and it'll protect it for 365 days. That's crazy!!. – Dinesh Sidhani

What We ThinK? 👍 👍 👍

Overall, this handy bottle of disinfectant is an excellent solution for sanitizing all kinds of electronic gadgets. It can be considered best-value-for-money compared to other disinfectants. Still, considering that none of them can boast NON-STOP protection for up to 365 days at a stretch, we would say it’s a great choice to keep your expensive gadgets germ free!

Order now and do share your experience in the comments below.

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