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Contec's Infrared Contactless Digital Thermometer for Fever Detection

Updated: May 5, 2020

Let us go back to good old days, where you needed to wait for an eternity to get thermal checks. Making your kids cooperate, especially when they were asleep was no less than a herculean chore. Moreover, with increasing concern of managing social distancing & utmost hygiene, the conventional mercury thermometer is now superseded by contactless thermometers.

These non-contact thermometers can give accurate results in ultra-quick time, maintaining utmost hygiene. Industry big shot Contec has come up with its new Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer for Fever Detection - TP500. Contec TP500 uses the latest infrared technique for temperature detection & boasts of electronic display for precise results. We at GooglyNow have compiled all the relevant information for you in this article.

What is Contec TP500?

TP500 is a flagship product from Contec, Contec is known for its innovative solutions in the healthcare industry. Contec TP500 can take the temperature from a distance using the IR energy principle.

Features of Thermometer

Weight: 130 gms
Power Supply: AAA Batteries
Memory Data: Up to 30 Readings
Protection: IPX0

Salient Features of Contec TP500

Best in class infrared thermometer - Contec TP500 boasts of the best IR technology, which is highly responsive. You can take the temperature with a range of 500mm with a processing time of just 1 second.
Ergonomic Design with LCD display - With an ergonomic, elegant yet strong body, the Contec TP500 Non Contact thermometer comes with a very well lit LCD screen. This LCD screen is colour coded to differentiate between the fever temperatures.
Accurate - With a rapid response time of just 1 second, this thermometer also provides accurate precise reading with allowable error - ±0.2℃.
Multi-functional – TP500 has some helpful features like intelligent shutdown for power management, ultra-low power consumption control, power display, and low power reminder.

What makes Contec stand out from other thermometers?

Contactless measurement
Rapid response time of 1 second
Precise temperature measurement
Power Saving mode
A memory that stores up to 30 recent results
Five years shelf life & 6 months warranty
Ergonomic design
Featherweight & easy to use
Uses Infrared Radiation technique for temperature measurement
Clinically tested by thousands of laboratories before setting out in the public domain

What We Think?

Contactless thermometers are the need of the hour to maintain social distancing & utmost hygiene. In addition, the Contec TP500 is a product that is ticking all the boxes. TP500 is accurate, lively, portable & energy efficient in addition to being contactless. TP500 can be easily used on babies and adults too, who find it hard going with the conventional thermometers.

Also, Contec TP500 will not burn a hole in your pocket with its reasonable price. All the above features clubbed with the brand performance of one of the most innovative leaders in the healthcare industry, Contec TP500 is a steal deal!

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