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iBall Musi Twins: How is it Sounding?

Updated: May 26, 2020

Are you the DJ at your house parties or do you fancy playing music when lying in the pool? Is music the therapy you often use to improve your well-being? Do you love collecting all the amazing gizmos?

If the answer is affirmative, you have come to the right spot. You probably are hunting for a Bluetooth speaker to resolve your problems.

Bluetooth speakers are very popular these days because of the versatility they exhibit. You can use them virtually anywhere, be it late-night house parties, college trips, wanderlust or even in the pool (if the speaker is waterproofed).

iBall has come up with the prized Red Dot Award Winning Design Bluetooth speaker that has numerous useful features you will love – The iBall Musi Twins. iBall Musi Twins has a distinct design such that the speaker can be split in two halves and both can be used as speakers separately. They can also be merged back with a click to offer 360-degree surround sound.

Backed up with impressive IPX7 water-resistant technology, dash charge, surround sound & quality design, the iBall Musi Twins is undoubtedly an eye grabber. The best part is the speaker has the brand repute of one of the top players and is available at amazing pricing.

We have reviewed this amazing piece for you on all the vital aspects. Here we go!


Power 5W | 360-Degree surround sound | IPX7 Protection | Bluetooth Connectivity


+ One of a kind Design

+ Rugged & Waterproof

+ Rapid Charging Ability

+ Sturdy Form

+ Vivid Color Options

+ Superior Battery Life


+ No Aux Input

+ Reasonably Heavy (Quite light when 1 by 2)


iBall Musi Twins is unquestionably drawing a lot of eyeballs because of its unique design & appealing colors. The iBall Musi Twins is available in three attractive colors- black, teal & red. The silicon rubber draping & fabric texture gives a nice feeling holding the speaker in your hand.

The best part about this Red Dot Award-winning design speaker is its 2-in-1 speaker module. The speaker can be easily split in two evenly powerful & functional halves with both halves capable of performing as a speaker. Both speakers have a power button, charging ports & volume rocker. To separate the twins, just long-press the volume up button & you are done.

To marry the twins back, simply long-press the volume buttons up & down simultaneously and interlock the twins to convert to a 360-degree powerful stereo speaker. The complete assembly weighs around 850 grams & has a built-in mic in both the halves. Overall the design is unprecedented & fully functional and is surely the best feature on iBall Musi Twins.


The Musi Twins are water & dust immune with IPX7 certification & can endure water column for 1m depth. The USB port is designed adequately water-tight to prevent any fluid ingress. You can easily use these speakers (as a whole or in two halves) for your extravagant pool parties (or Holi celebrations too!).

The silicon rubber body with a comfortable fabric texture gives a sturdy feel while holding the masterpiece in your hand. The hard buttons are firm and easy to operate. The color options are rousing & classy and you will not want to let the speaker go off your hands.


The Musi Twins has 15W RMS output which produces the required oomph. The two halves that are placed opposite create a 360-degree surround sound. The two halves have dedicated built-in microphone which enriches your phone calling experience allowing both parts to be independently used as a speaker alone.

The device also has smart indicators that intimate you about low battery, volume levels as and when the need arises. The device is Bluetooth V4.2 enabled and pairing to any iPhone or Android device is as smooth as it gets. The sound levels on Musi Twins is amazing & you will enjoy it if you are a music lover, but only if you fancy real hard metal music at very high levels, Musi Twins may not be the best bet.


Charging a Bluetooth speaker frequently is the biggest pain point that any user goes through, it essentially drifts away from the whole notion of having a wireless device. iBall has hit the nail on the head with Musi Twins that boasts of a 3000 mAH battery that delivers a playback of 12 hours.

The best part is the fast charge ability in Musi Twins that charges from 0 to 100 in just 3 hours, this gives an additional 7-9 hours of charge-free playback. The device can be charged with a 10W adapter using a micro USB cable which is universal.

What’s Cool in iBall Musi Twins?

Spatial Separation Technology – Both the speakers are built with spatial separation technology, which gives you a feel of sound flowing from various directions.
Rugged – The speakers are rugged & designed for outdoors, you cant get away with a bump or two!
IPX7 Protected - The speakers are there to take all your pool party music cravings.

What We Think?

Musi Twins is loaded with lots of amazing features that one will admire in a premium portable Bluetooth speaker. The unique design that you can effortlessly flaunt and function, vivid color options that are refreshing, long playback time & the 15W thumping output are surely one to look forward.

In bonus, these features are available at an amazing price tag. With the current prevailing situation, where every penny matters – The Musi Twins is the value for money bargain buy waiting for you.

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