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How to download YouTube videos for free?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

YouTube is one of the famous video sharing platforms for watching millions of movies and songs. You can enjoy watching movies, listening to new songs, upload your content and share it with your family members.

It is easy to watch your latest shows and movies without paying anything on YouTube. You can also download YouTube videos on your phone using your mobile plan or Wi-Fi. Downloading YouTube videos is not illegal on your computer, tablet or phone.

Nowadays, there are several apps available in the market for users to download YouTube videos without any hassle. The 4K Video Downloader is also one of those apps available for free and you do not have to pay anything for using it. Let’s go through the steps you need to follow for downloading YouTube on your computer.

Download the 4K Video Downloader

First, you need to download 4K Video Downloader as it is one of the most reliable and widely used YouTube video downloader’s available for users. It is fully compatible with Linux, Mac and PC users. By downloading this app on your computer, you would be able to download any type of YouTube videos without paying anything.


The app size is 5 MB and it will take only a few seconds to download on your desktop. After downloading it, you need to go through the installation process before proceeding further.

Video’s URL

After downloading and installing this app, you need to copy the YouTube video’s URL from the address bar at top of your web browser window. Just right click on the Video’s URL and paste it.

Paste Video’s URL

After copying the YouTube video’s URL, you need to open the 4K Video Downloader app installed on your computer. Just click on the Paste link button and paste your Video URL for downloading it.

Download your Video

After checking the video, you can choose the options for video formats, quality, and conversion. It is also possible to set the video download location, and the app will also help in creating a folder that contains all your downloaded YouTube videos.


How many videos you can download by using this app?

There are no limits and you can download unlimited videos without worrying about the downloading limitations. The downloading speed is also fast and helps in saving your time.

Do I need to pay after using it several times?

No, there is no need to pay for using this app at any time. It is free to use and never demand any type of payment from its users.


Finally, you are aware of the helpful steps which can help you in downloading YouTube videos for free. You can adhere to these steps to convert video files for iPhone, Android, and iPad. The app supports both high and low-quality video formats that match your overall requirements.

You can also pause and cancel the download any time with a single click. The app downloading process is fast and also notified users after completing it.

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