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How Do You Go About Recording a Phone Call on Your Android Phone or iPhone?

Sometimes, a need arises to record a phone call in order to listen back to it, be it business, work, or for pure sentimental reasons. That said, neither iPhone nor Android handsets have a built-in mechanism to achieve this. Here, at GooglyNow, we tell you pathbreaking ways to record a phone call, and that, too, sans any external device.

Therefore, if you are resolute to save your telephonic conversation in the form of an audio file, there exist quite a few options in order to achieve the task.

The laws with regard to recording calls differ across countries; therefore, ensure that you are not performing an illegal task or breaking the law before you try any of the below-mentioned call recorder techniques by performing a little research. Moreover, you need to take the other party into confidence before carrying out the task of call recording.

How to Go About Recording a Telephonic Conversation on iPhone or Android Through the Use of Another Device

The simplest method to record a telephonic conversation would be to utilize an alternative phone or tablet, such as Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, provided you possess one.

iOS gadgets have an app named voice memo, whereas Android possesses voice recorder; hence, if you answer the phone call in loudspeaker mode while simultaneously setting up the second device for the purpose of recording, you will be able to pick up dual sides of the conversation.

The primary problem with this is that you can mistakenly record unwanted sounds, such as ambient sounds or individuals walking past. What’s more, based on the second device’s microphone, the audio quality may make it harder to pick up the precise sounds of the call.

How to Go About Recording a Telephonic Conversation on iPhone or Android Through the Use of Google Voice

Most people have Google Voice as their go-to app for recording conversations. Google Voice, as the name suggests, is a Google app that truly facilitates Wi-Fi calling. You can precisely set the application up to record incoming calls. However, this will fail to work for outgoing calls.

After you have downloaded the app, locate the “settings” menu, then you need to select “calls” and finally toggle “incoming call settings.” Post activation, when you press number “4” on the keypad whilst on a call, the app will start recording the call. Both users will eventually hear a voice that notifies them that this is happening; therefore, both users know that the conversation is being successfully recorded.

Google Voice is not presently available in every country; hence, this method of call recording will not work based on where you live. Therefore, it is highly advisable to check if the app works before making the call that you wish to record.

(+) There is a definite need for call recording

(+) Recording a call with the use of another device is not efficient

(+) Google Voice is a popular app when it comes to call recording

(+) Other popular apps that are proficient in call recording are Call Recorder and Call Recorder Lite

How to Go About Recording a Telephonic Conversation on iPhone or Android Through the Use of a Call Recorder App

If you lack the ability to use Google Voice or if you simply do not want to use it, there are many other call recorder apps that you can utilize; however, they have their share of drawbacks. Some of these apps cost money whereas others need you to pay on the basis of how much you wish to record. That said, most of the free ones have dubious records when it comes to security.

Mentioned below are some apps recommended by GooglyNow that you may want to check if you need one to record calls:

1. Call Recorder: This is an Android app that has the ability to record calls and eventually help you in the managing the recordings, either through backing them up to the cloud or by simply categorising them. This app also possesses caller ID features to assist you in identifying unknown numbers.

2. Call Recorder Lite: This is an iOS app that will help you record both outgoing and incoming calls. You would need to make a payment to listen back to long calls; however, the duration of recording solely depends on your preferences.

There are many other similar apps on Google Play Store and App Store; however, if you wish to proceed with a free app, it is advisable to check the reviews and store ratings to ensure that it works optimally.

Mentioned above are the best apps that you can successfully download on iOS and Android.

Presently, with a majority of employees choosing to work from home, face-to-face interactions are being replaced by phone calls. Because this form of communicating is essential, call recording for business purposes is also crucial. Call recording is a splendid communication feature that will enhance the way in which your employees communicate efficiently with clients. Therefore, if you are not utilising this technology, you need to put it in place instantaneously.

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