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Fitbit Charge 4: Price, Features and everything you need to know.

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Wanting to thrive more to take your goals to completely next level & build your health the best version like never before, Fitbit packs the built-in GPS for distance and pace coupled with 24/7 heart rate monitor, spotify, sleep tracking & extra comfortable wristband!

The very new extra interesting, innovative & fitness-centric Fitbit Charge 4 is soon getting launched in the market! Sit back, relax & we shall give you all details about it!

Though from the images, Fitbit Charge 4 looks pretty much similar to the older version but the company has worked hard to enhance more features and allow the users to make the most out of the new version. The HIITers and runners shall definitely have a bang out of the new model.

What specifically the company has changed?

As everyone was waiting for a GPS tracker, the company finally has worked on the feature and added it to their new model allowing users to successfully track outdoor workouts without pairing it to a smartphone.

The GPS feature as of today was only limited to the "specialist" Fitbit devices. To name would be Fitbit Lonic and Surge – outliers in the company's range.

Release Date of the New Fitbit Charge 4 is set to be on the 15th April 2020 but the companies have started taking orders as a part of their usual tendency which is Pre-Order to get the device first when it is launched.

days. The heart rate monitor and VO2 Max tracking yet remain intact. Also, a SpO2 sensor that estimates oxygen in the blood remains as a major feature of the device. Fitbit has confirmed that the new series shall support all the old devices to let the majority of customers enjoy the benefit. This shall enable users who are not planning to change their smartphone in the near future use the brand new Fitbit Charge 4.

One important good news for the buyers is placing orders during the lockdown days is that Firbit Premium is free for 90 days and it has newly added 40 free workouts for hard-core training sessions.

The feature and new edition we all were waiting to release was the colour screen which unfortunately seems missing but now we only tell users to forget and wish for it in the new edition as the features which this edition brings especially the GPS tracker is a bomb! Think about the all-new features added like Active Zone Minutes and go pre-book the all-new device!

Know more about the pricing of the device in detail:

The Fitbit Charge 4 is launching at Rs. 14,999.

Colour: The standard model is available in black, storm blue/black and rosewood. Extra bands are available in a choice of materials (silicone, recycled woven fiber and rubber).

To understand the features in a simple and easy manner, we are listing down the bullets as follows:-

Exercise Modes - 20
Tracks Swimming
Battery Life Which Lasts Up To Seven Days
Activity Tracking – 24*7
Waterproof Up To 50 Meters (Ocean And Pool)
Detection Auto-Exercise
1-Inch, 160 X 100 Grayscale Oled Touchscreen
Respond To Notifications Only On Android
Support From Fitbit Pay
Easily Track Smartphone Notifications
Works With Android And Ios
Heart Rate, Vo2 Max, Spo2

All in all, we give big thumbs up for the Fitbit Charge 4! It has 24/7 heart rate monitor through which you can record your rate of resting heart. In addition to that, you can customise your cardio, and fat burn for best tracking.

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