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Best WFH Zoom Calls / Interviews / Conference Calls Mobile Phone Holder: Review

This Mobile Phone Stand is Truly Out 'stand' ing

With the extension to the lockdown and with no end to the Covid-19 global pandemic in sight, work from home (WFH) has become the new “normal.”

And the most important gadgets during this lockdown period are mobile phones and tablets. Be it completing your work tasks, attending conference calls on Zoom, playing games online, watching the latest movies on Netflix, or even cooking by reading the recipe online, you just cannot do without the smartphone or tab. What’s more, in all probability, you will need a smartphone to hone a new skill or direct your talents in learning something new.

Current Problem

So, a valid question that arises is how can we spend so many hours on the gadget without getting fatigued. Isn’t it impractical to hold the phone in your hand and speak for hours on end? Long calls can be extremely stressful on the palm of your hand because you need to hold the device. Thus, the comfort factor goes for a toss. Therefore, what is the solution?


The answer to the above conundrum lies in the ELV aluminum adjustable mobile phone foldable holder stand.

The ELV stand is remarkable in several aspects. To start with, it offers a 270-degree viewing angle, ensuring a superior audio/video experience. What’s more, you can learn cooking through online classes, without having to soil your smartphone. In addition, the stand is foldable, allowing you to carry it in your pocket, thus making it supremely portable. Moreover, with a one-year manufacturing warranty, you know that you have purchased a dependable product.

You can do wonders with this aluminum holder stand. Let’s have a closer look:

Work from Home: With apps such as Zoho, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, the home has become a virtual office. For using Zoom on a smartphone, all you need to do is download the app and reap the benefits of recording sessions, collaborating on projects, and sharing or annotating on others’ screens.
Online Learning: With your smartphone or tablet fitted on the stand, you can opt for online classes. Make a video call to anyone, co-work on projects, and organise seminars from the comfort of your home.
Entertainment: OTT platforms, such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar are the best for online entertainment, and you can get access to any of them on your smartphone or tablet.
New Skills: People, the world over, are using the time derived from the lockdown to improve their skillsets, which include cooking, dancing, painting, and learning music. And all these can be achieved by downloading apps on your smartphone or tablet and then viewing them with the device on the ELV Aluminum Holder Stand.
The foldable stand is ideal for all smartphone brands, from iPhone to Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, Realme, Oneplus, Oppo, Motorola and from Nexus to LG, Huawei, Lenovo, HTC, Vivo, Honor, Lava, Poco etc.


The simple and minimalistic design scores on all fronts, making it useful for a variety of purposes. For example, you can use it on your desk to check emails, keep it by your bedside to read books and watch movies, as well as use it in your kitchen to create that scrumptious dish. Moreover, the symmetry of the device is perfect, making it smashingly gorgeous.

The adjustable design can effectively hold your charger and phone during the process of charging, without bending of the cord.

Because the hook of the stand is longer, it holds your device even though it may be equipped with a heavy case. The aluminum body is truly durable, making the construction extremely sturdy.

Furthermore, the stand has anti-scratch and anti-slip features. This protects the stand from everyday wear and tear. The anti-slip prevents the stand from slipping, thereby keeping the mounted device steady.

Compatible with all mobile smartphones, tablets, e-readers, the ELV aluminum stand superbly complements the iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Microsoft Surface, Lenovo, iBall, Honor, Kindle etc.


(+) Lightweight and portable

(+) Compatible with all smartphones and tablets (up to 10.1 inch)

(+) Ideal for e-book readers

(+) Suitable for watching movies, when placed on a desk or table

(+) The rubber safeguards the contact point between the stand and the device

(+) Angled support for FaceTime

(+) No need of continuously staring at the laptop: you can directly detach a page from your laptop to the iPhone

Customer Ratings:

(+) The product is awesome, and it is very easy to connect the cable. Extremely good for reading e-books on Kindle – Siddharth Sharma

(+) I like to watch YouTube videos on it. Because it is foldable, it is extremely portable. -- Aniket Mishra

(+) The best aspect is the 270-degree rotation, offering seamless viewing. -- Divya Mittal

(+) Engineered to perfection, the hinges can be adjusted to view the device at different angles. -- Marushka Almeida

What We Think?

The ELV aluminum holder stand will surprise you with its diverse functionality. It can be used not only in the house but also in plush offices. Featuring flawless workmanship, the holder stand is a sight to behold. When you add multi-angle viewing and a sturdy aluminum construction, you know that you have received excellent value for money.

Choose wisely, don’t forget to let GooglyNow know about your experience!

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