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Best Selling Tablets on Amazon.in 2020

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Do you want to turn the heavy burden of your work into a featherweight?

Well, then pinch yourself, because this is going to sound like a dream! We present to you, the top-notch mini-laptops or portable TVs, whatever fits your current mood. In other words, we are here with the best selling tablets on Amazon.in 2020 that’ll let you do so much more with fewer efforts and less money!

Plus, that’s not it. These best selling tablets let you make calls, record videos, enjoy games, watch movies and do everything else a smartphone can do. Only much better.

Moreover, the chart-topping tablets support 4G LTE, thus you can now check your emails, stream movies and do a lot more, without relying on your home wi-fi!

Now, say hello to your portable friends that talk, work, entertain, shop as well as hear you out!

iBall iTAB MovieZ Tablet

Best Selling Tablet with 8 MP Front & Rear Camera

10.1” IPS FHD LED Display | 2 + 32 GB | OS: Android v9 Pie | Camera: 8 + 8 MP | 1.6GHz+1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A55 Octa Core Processor | 7000mAH lithium-polymer Battery

Dive into immersive media experience with spectacular visual clarity and astounding sound quality. The capacitive multi-touch screen further enables faster actions, ensuring a quick response. Plus, the powerful processor makes binge-watching more comfortable than ever, thus providing a theatre-like feel whenever and wherever you need it!

iBall iTab MovieZ is the most premium entertainment tablet, hence making it to the first of the best selling tablets’ list.

iBall iTAB BizniZ Tablet

Top Selling Tablet with Expandable Memory

10.1” Multi-Touch Screen | 2 + 32 GB (up to 256 GB) | HD 8 MP Camera with 4x Digital Zoom | GPU IMG8322 Graphic Card | 1.6GHz+1.2GHz ARM Cortex-A55 Octa Core Processor

Effortlessly make business presentations and accelerate your efficiency with the powerful user-friendly processor. Further, iBall iTAB BizniZ tablet makes sure you never miss your work meetings by providing an 8 MP front camera for a superlative video-calling experience. You can also centralise all your business data like documents, letterheads etc with the massive storage of this best selling tablet of 2020 on Amazon.in.

Moreover, the lightweight, enduring battery life and advanced network support keep you updated about every corporate move, thus never letting you miss important leads.

Reasons to Buy Best Selling Tablets on Amazon.in

+ Portability - Tablets ensure that you can do everything you want to, anytime and anywhere, constantly and instantly. So, you don’t have to say “Oh, let me get back home as my laptop has those files” ever again!

+ Growth-Oriented - Tablets can act as great learning mechanisms for students, especially in the present times when schools and universities are shut.

+ Business-Friendly - The best feature of tablets is a wide screen that provides a desktop-like experience, consequently letting you manage Zoom meetings and other conferences with exceptional ease.

iBall iTAB MovieZ Pro Tablet

Premium Entertainment Tablet with 4GM RAM & 64GB Memory

10.1” Display | Camera: 13 + 8 MP | 4 + 64 GB (upto 256 GB) | 7000mAH Battery | Wi-Fi + 4G LTE | Single Micro SIM | Bluetooth V5.0

A higher configuration of iBall iTAB MovieZ tablet, this first-class device is even more advanced! Having a sleek design, sensitive 10 point touch screen and immense built-in storage, this best-selling tablet delivers your money’s worth. It further ensures your actions are never left mid-way with durable battery life. Plus, the exceptional camera quality saves precious memories for you.

Therefore, from leisure activities to professional tasks, this gadget adds ease to everything!

What We Think?

In the end, we’d say that you can pick one from the above tablets when you prioritise your needs. Obviously, personal and professional can overlap, but choosing one over another will be a wise call. If you are someone with an irresistible love for movies/TV series, we would recommend you to go for iBall iTAB MovieZ Pro Tablet. Alternatively, if your primary focus is on business, iBall iTAB BizniZ will smooth out all transactions for you.

So, what are you still doing here? Your troubleshooter is just a purchase away!

Whatever you choose, we would love to know about your experience!

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