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Best Budget Earphones on Amazon.in - Try Out Brand ‘CLEF’!

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The millennial generation is the wireless generation! They don’t want to be wired. Yet, they get everything they want to, without a plug! Moreover, when it comes to listening to something, the millennials like to go hands-free! Be it earphones, headphones, neckbands, or earbuds, Amazon.in offers everything under its newly introduced brand CLEF.

Watching movies, listening to songs as well as video calling, these headsets enrich every experience. Further, you can create your own theatre, hence setting the right vibe for every mood.

The world says earphones make you less annoying. But, YOU know they make the world less annoying! With these devices, you live two lives. One with others. And, one within yourself! Now, whether you’re looking for strong bass, high pitch, or long-lasting battery, you get everything here.

Don’t know which one to choose? No problem, GooglyNow brings to you the best CLEF wireless headphones on Amazon.in. Thus, rest assured because you’re leaving this space with a purchase decision made!

BEST CLEF Earphones on Amazon.in

CLEF N110BT In-Ear Wireless Earphones - Blue

Rich Bass | Battery: Lithium Polymer 80mAh | Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz | Speaker Resistance: 32 Ohms | In-line Remote with Microphone

This in-ear Bluetooth device takes you in the world of comfort. Or, shall we say, paradise? In addition to the silicone earbuds, it has an around-the-neck style. Thus, you can go about doing your work along with enjoying your favourite music. With just a blue feather around your neck. How cool is that?

CLEF N110BT In-Ear Wireless Earphones - Black

Just when you think it cannot get cooler, the Amazon.in CLEF earphones offer you another choice. A colour variant of the above device, this product is a glossy black that gives you a perfect metallic feel.

CLEF N110BT In-Ear Wireless Earphones - Red

If you are bored with the same black and blue earphones, choose the red alternative. Wear these flexible Amazon.in CLEF earphones like a badge of pride. Thus, stand out in a crowd and make your presence felt!

CLEF N100BT Wireless Earphones - Blue

Strong Bass | In-Ear | Battery: 80mAh | Silicone Earbuds | Lightweight

This CLEF earphones comes in black & blue shade. It lets you wear your style elegantly. Further, the tint of blue makes it look even more chic!

With a frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz, this blue Bluetooth headset delivers the best-quality sound. Plus, it is comparatively less ‘power-hungry’ due to the high speaker resistance. The device further makes it simple for you to manage calls, with the in-line remote on the microphone. Moreover, the flexible style and design take you to an all-time high in music!

Why should you buy these CLEF Wireless Earphones on Amazon.in?

+ HD Sound - Dive into the world of ‘real’ sound with the powerful bass and huge driver size. On ear or in ear, the CLEF wireless earphones transport you into a different world altogether! What’s more? Do all of this while being in your ‘comfy’ mode!

+ Portability - You can carry these Bluetooth devices anywhere, without the hassle of cords. While the earphones are handy enough, the headphones come with a foldable design. Plus, you don’t ever have to worry about untangling the wires!

+ Durability - The Amazon.in CLEF headsets come with a strong battery backup that lasts through the day and night. They further come with a manufacturer’s warranty for a year.

Top Notch CLEF Headphones on Amazon.in

CLEF N300BT On-Ear Wireless Headphones

HD Audio | Bluetooth Version 5.0G | 200mAh Battery | Easy Onboard Controls | 15 m Range

This Amazon.in CLEF headphones is a traveller’s delight! It comes with lightweight materials and a flexible design. You can pause/play/forward the tracks as well as answer/disconnect calls at your leisure. Moreover, you can conveniently adjust the volume, thus keeping the bar as high or as low as you want.

CLEF Avenger On-Ear Wireless Headphones

40 mm Driver Size | Battery: 200 mAh | Micro Charging Cable | Lightweight | Easy Connectivity

The powerful bass of this device provides an extensively immersive experience. Additionally, the Bluetooth can be easily connected to all devices, be it Android or iOS. The long-lasting battery along the smooth controls leave you craving for more, every time!

CLEF N200 On-Ear Wired Headphones

40 mm Sound Drivers | Collapsible | Soft Ear Cushions

Even though these are wired headsets, their bass performance wouldn’t let you down. It lets you feel every beat and savour the quality of music. Further, the foldable design adds, even more, ease to your use! However, the purchase does not include the aux cable.

Chart-Topping CLEF Earbuds on Amazon.in

CLEF EB007 In-Ear Wireless Ear Buds

10 mm Drivers | IPX4 Certified | Bluetooth 4.1 Version | Battery: Lithium Polymer 80 mAh

How much do you love singing in the shower? Well, meet your best friend. These Amazon.in CLEF earbuds are resistant to water splashes from all directions. Besides, they have a huge frequency response. Hence, engaging you with a deep bass every time you put them on!

Finest CLEF Neck Bands on Amazon.in

CLEF NB900BT In-Ear Wireless Neckband - Blue

10 mm Drivers | Magnetic Earbuds | Long-Lasting Battery

This Amazon.in CLEF earphones make your dream of ‘partying in your head’ come true! It is water-resistant and allows easy onboard control. Further, the sports stabilizers fit the earbuds perfectly into your ears. Consequently, this device is a flawless match for outdoor activities!

CLEF NB900BT In-Ear Wireless Neckband - Black

A colour alternative to the above product, this device boasts its creamy black skin! At the same time, it lets you do everything while being on the move.

CLEF NB900BT In-Ear Wireless Neckband - RED

Another shade of the device, this crimson red Amazon.in CLEF earphones will make you gleam at first glance!

What We Think?

Your final decision depends on the purpose of your purchase. It relies on whether you want an in-ear or an on-ear device. If you cannot compromise on the bass sound, go for Avenger. In case you prefer comfort over everything, pick CLEF N110BT for soft cushions and easy handling. Overall, we suggest you choose the CLEF NB900BT neckband, particularly because it has some distinguishing features.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to let us know about your experience!

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