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Apple AirPods Pro Review: What an Experience?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The iconic brand’s latest addition offers an enhanced experience & stunning sound quality for their large fan base, and it surpasses expectations, beautifully.

Apple is not just an iconic brand but it is a concept, an idea, and an aspirational achievement beloved by our generation. Apple is an experience. The long queues and the waiting list is part of the brand experience that the iconic Apple offers its patrons. Very difficult to replicate it.

Unimaginable for other brands to attempt to take its place. The fame, its global name, and reputation precedes Apple offerings, masterfully. The iconic brand has become a concept, an idea, and an aspirational achievement which has evolved to become more than a product.

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That's why the release of the AirPods is nothing short of celebration. From the unveiling of their products to their spot on marketing, to their online presence, Apple is spectacular. It also means, that their quality is a given, and which is why releasing AirPods Pro is a grand occasion.

People can’t wait to get Apple products, and are willing to stand in ques. The sleek compact size and lightweight design is standard Apple highlights, but what keeps AirPods Pro apart from its predecessors is, its active noise isolation which makes it stand apart from its previous outings.

AirPods Pro comes with a high dynamic range amplifier that gives superior sound in compact design. Along with noise isolating feature, you can hear the sound however you want. No other Apple product had this feature before, and introducing this feature provides an immersive experience.

Which brings us to the next point about its cost. Are they expensive?

At 24,990/- Yes, the AirPods Pro is expensive but when has one complained about their exorbitant price? It's the experience of grabbing the best of technology and that's all it matters and that's where it also delivers, big time. You are buying AirPods Pro for an experience and aesthetics which is where it also truly shines.

AirPods Pro enjoys the spotlight and delivers on what it promises and bundles it all up in a delightful package. It is crafted in sleek design, compact size, lightweight body, and fantastic overall appeal. Also, a best way to sweep one off their feet.


This is the first time Apple has dived into active noise cancellation that lets you mute and take charge of the external sound when and however you want. With transparency mode it’s easier for you to let outside sound inside in your earphones to hear, and interact with the external world around you. The noise-cancelling mode cancels external sound and considerably reduces ambient noises to give you the freedom to hear sound the way you want.

What we think?

The active noise cancellation with transparency mode isolates the sound, while the sweat and water resistance makes it ideal for high-intensity workouts. The best part of the AirPod Pro is its customizable fit. It comes in three sizes that make it super easy to fit and gives comfort for long time wear.

Apart from the custom speaker driver with a high dynamic range amplifies, which basically provides robust performance for long time comfort-driven usage, AirPod Pro has ultra-powerful battery for long time wear. Along with the wireless charging case, simplicity in connecting with Siri and strong compatibility, AirPod Pro stands promising and tall.

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