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All-New Amazon Kindle (10th Gen): review

Updated: May 24, 2020

One can easily ascertain a brand’s repute if the brand has virtually replaced the business class it represents. Xerox for photocopy, Excel for spreadsheet & now Kindle has become synonymous for e-book readers. For anyone looking for an e-book reader in India, Kindle devices have become de-facto.

Amazon’s Kindle 10th Gen is a refinement on is predecessor with the addition of brilliant front focusing LED lights, new ink technology & improved touch resistance. It is Amazon’s effort to put an immaculate reading experience at your fingertips without the interruption from the outside world notifications.

The Kindle 10th Gen is an entry-level reader with the lowest price tag among all the 10th Gen kindles, but its performance is top-notch for any entry-level e-book reader. GooglyNow has reviewed this impressive e-book reader on all important aspects that an avid reader will find helpful.


Display: 6”; 167 PPI | Size: 160 x 113 x 8.7 mm | Storage: 4 GB | Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth


+ New focused front LED for reading in all conditions

+ A battery bank that lasts weeks.

+ Huge Kindle library

+ Portable & handy

+ Multiple connectivity options

Build & Design

Kindle 10th Gen introduces a handful of design upgrades over its predecessor. The new kindle is marginally smaller (which makes it handier) without increasing the weight too much. The design of the Kindle 10th Gen is quite functional & sturdy.

Kindle 10th Gen has a 6” display with glossy bezels all around. Even with the bezels, operating the Kindle is convenient as one can readily hold it in one hand and use the screen. The Kindle feels nice in your palm, with evenly distributed mass.

Kindle Oasis is the only Kindle with dedicated page navigation hard buttons, Kindle 10th Gen comes with only a single push button that is placed just above the USB charging port. The base of the kindle frame is packed with a power button along with a USB port for charging.


The most notable improvement in the new kindle comes in the form of four adjustable, front-facing LED lights. While previous entry-level Kindles did not have a body that could emit light, they had to be essentially used as a normal book (without any light-emitting source).

The new Kindle can be used in diverse light conditions because of the new adjustable LED lights. They provide a uniform edge to edge backlit on the display, though without a sensor, so you have to manually adjust their brightness to complement room lighting. The new Kindle has the option to utilize a 24 step incremental brightness adjustment.

Software & Interface

The user interface on the new kindle has been simplistic as before, a handy mixture of your library, reading lists & Kindle store recommendations. A good reason to buy Kindle is Amazon’s e-book library, where you get an extensive catalog to borrow books and read, just like you did in your university.

The All new amazon kindle has a collaboration with services like Prime Reading that offers numerous perks at great pricing. There are numerous options for Indian readers starting from Rs 100 which makes it very accessible.

For enthusiastic readers, they can opt for Kindle unlimited which is a paid subscription, just like Netflix. It gives you an even broader catalog of books to entertain your reading yearnings.

Usage & Other Features

The Kindle 10th Gen has 4GB of storage out of which almost 2.5GB is free, which makes it quite fluidic to use. You can store a lot of e-books and browsing through the pages is very smooth. There are 10 different reading fonts, 16 font sizes and five boldness settings to choose from.

The Kindle also has the capability to highlight passages, translate words & adjust the text size to provide one with the most amazing reading experience. Another such feature which a reader will enjoy is the timeline which shows the reading time left for the current page/article or the book.

One can also find synonyms, definitions, usages of word by using the inbuilt dictionary feature, there is an integration with Word Wise also to find lesser known words. The Kindle does come with Bluetooth capability, which allows you to listen to Audible books if you prefer instead of reading.


The battery is branded to be robust with charge life of around four weeks if used for 30 minutes a day, with wireless turned off and the front light set to 13 – which is very specific.

The battery life is better than comparable smartphones or tablets because of the use of e-Ink. The battery life is around a week for avid readers, for occasional readers it may be around 3-4 weeks depending upon their usage.

In the box you get a micro USB cable, there is no wall adapter in the box, so you will have to use your adapter or you can plug it into your laptop to charge it. Charging one cycle takes about 250 minutes, so there’s no dash charging with the Kindle 10th Gen.

What We Think?

The Kindle 10th Gen is a great product with its crisp display, long battery life, enormous text editing capabilities & the reading resources it offers. The addition of front-lit LEDs prove to be a masterstroke by kindle to improve the reading experience in Kindle 10th Gen. Also, the use of improved e-Ink which saves the battery & better capacitive resistance along with the introduction of Bluetooth in Kindle 10th Gen is a welcome experience.

The 10th Gen is an entry-level e-book reader and is available at mouth-watering prices and it cannot be compared directly with flagships like Kindle-Oasis or Kindle-Paperwhite. If you are a newbie looking to get an e-book reader or simply someone who is looking for the best value for money options with the best reading experience in the segment and if you simply can’t put a good book down, the All-new Kindle 10th Gen is waiting for you!

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