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15 Most Essential Gadgets to help you Increase your Work-From-Home Productivity

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

What if we could say that a little space in your house can easily be converted into an office and all you need is a little investment into basic office needs? Interesting right! Who needs to buy/rent an office when a small corner in your house can make you feel at the office!

Top essential Gadgets:

Let’s make a list of small investment you will have to do in order to set up an office in that small corner of your house!

1. A Comfortable Corner-desk Set

You will need a comfortable corner desk set for a small space. An office L shaped computer desk is easily available which fits in an L shape corner and gives you enough space. On one side, you can keep your laptop/computer and another side of your printer and other related things.

2. Office-desk Stationery Supply

A Callas Metal Mesh 6 Compartment Desk organizer will always come to rescue so that you can easily keep all your office essentials like pens, pencil, tape, glue, sticky notes, etc. in one place. Always remember to buy metal stationary supply as plastic would look cheap and metal can hold more weight.

3. Power Extension

One important investment shall be power extension and you can buy GM 3060 E-Book 4+1 Power Strip with master switch, indicator, safety shutter, and 4 international sockets. This shall come of huge help as at home, power charge switch is normally one in every room and as you will need to charge a laptop, mobile, connect a printer, etc. to one single extension.

4. Desk Lamp

A Philips 3.2W LED Vintage LED Desk light has amazing reviews and as the manufacturer is Philips, one needs not to require more details. It has a sturdy body with the light spread that proves to be the best companion for late-night work.

5. Wi-Fi Router

To connect your laptop to wireless internet, Wi-Fi has become the need of the hour and we purely recommend Tenda F6 V4.0 Wireless N300, 4X5dBi Antennas an Easy Setup Router as the performance of it is amazing and helps many devices to connect at one time. You also need the Wi-Fi router for connecting the printer.

6. Wireless Speaker

Many businesses need speakers so learning videos or conference calls are easy to listen. Investing in good quality speakers is must. We recommend JBL Flip 3 Stealth Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker which can be placed anywhere on the table and being wireless, it would be easy to carry it anywhere. The manufacturer gives a year warranty.

7. Business Edition Laptop

We always recommend that the laptop should be purchased after good research. To keep things simple, we have researched it for you - HP 15 Core-i5 8th Gen Laptop. Having windows 10 and Core i5 8th generation, it shall work swiftly and the numeric key on the right shall prove a blessing if you are into accounts.

8. Laptop Table Stand

Portronics POR -703 is specially designed as a cooling stand for a laptop so without any worry; one can work for longer hours. Moreover, it has an elegant look and legs can be folded while working on the desk and if you would want to take your work to your bed, legs can be opened and angular adjustments can be made.

9. Monitor Desk-set

The traditional computer is always easy to operate and has a longer life span than a laptop. If you do not have to carry a laptop for meetings and only work from home, investing in a monitor desk set shall prove to be beneficial. Cost wise and even ease wise. We recommend HP 22-C0010in 21.45-inch All-in-One Desktop for all needs.

10. Colour Printer

A printer has become necessary in everyday life and a color printer of utmost importance. An HP DeskJet 2131 All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer & HP 803 Black Ink Cartridge can be connected to Wi-Fi and is also very affordable.

11. Wireless Earphone

Real me wireless buds can help you to listen from anywhere as it can be connected to Bluetooth. This helps in connecting to the phone as well as to the computer and Bluetooth acts as the wire.

12. Charger for Gadgets

To charge all your gadgets eErlik universal adaptor must be on your list. This way the gadgets which drain can be charged at the office table and you will be able to connect it to the universal power extension.

13. Sufficient Lightening

A D’Mak LED Curved mirror when purchased shall give sufficient light to work table. Also it has the capacity to light entire office desk at night so you would not have to light the entire room. Also the consumption of power is less and this saves energy and money.

14. Chair Support

Supreme Mall Mesh Lumbar Back Support for Office Chair, Home, Car, Seat to Relieve Pain while working all day. Working for 8 hours a day need sitting on chair all day but as doctors recommend that spinal cord needs to be erect, a chair support is a must to keep oneself heathy.

15. External Portable Hard Drive

A hard drive no matter how much space your computer has is a must-have. Segate's 4TB expansion should be on your list. This shall keep the data safe in case of breakdown of your laptop or computer. Also 4TB is enough space for a life time saving of data.

In a nutshell, you can buy and use the above-mentioned 15 most essential gadgets to turn your home into a comfortable office.

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